December 6, 2011

Affordable Housing


Related has built, rehabilitated and managed over 10,000 affordable housing units.  In fact, more than 5,000 residential units under The Related Group’s management are part of one or more affordable housing programs.

As such, The Related Urban Development Group was formed to focus primarily on new construction and rehabilitation of affordable housing communities utilizing tax credits, tax-exempt bonds and municipal government funding sources. 


Related Urban Development Group’s goal is to create affordable housing opportunities in a variety of geographically, economically and socially diverse neighborhoods. The division’s strong relationships with the public sector helps to create opportunities for those who are in need of accessible, affordable housing and to establish affordable environments in the heart of thriving and evolving communities.

As a vertically integrated organization, Related Urban Development Group excels in acquiring, developing, rehabilitating, leasing-up, owning and managing multi-family properties.

In addition, Related’s workforce housing communities provide attainable housing for those seeking ownership. The Lofts project, The Loft Downtown and Loft II, were designed to attract people to Downtown Miami with affordable, loft-style condominiums featuring signature Related amenities usually found in more upscale developments.

For more information please contact:

Albert Milo

Principal and Vice President

Related Urban Development Group

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 305.533.0024